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The closed beta has ended – with 37games finishes on Felspire and implementing suggestions from already very active community Felspire Hack. Superfast MMORPG Felspire slated for official launch Friday 7th August at 9 am EDT. Players will initially be able to choose between three classes. Each class can be extended four times – as a result of the fifteen different specifications in total. When you decide it’s time to go to the new specification will be designed to specific tasks passing grade, it acts as proficiency testing. After completing these tasks, you can move your character to a newer, more specialized role. 

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Free Diamonds Cheat – Felspire Hack:

felspire hack cheats tool


Eremos world is full of both threats and opportunities. You can customize your appearance and improve your skills by equipping some 100,000 different pieces of equipment that exist in Eremos. You can equip your character with 20 different levels of course – if you can mix and match to give yourself a unique look and notoriety desire. Felspire leaves us with a bunch of options for configuring and customizing your skills. Each player will have a set of active and passive skills that can be upgraded with skill points and special books that can be purchased during the trip. Choosing the right skillsets will be the key to success in Felspire Hack – as some skills are focused on PvE skills and some games are special PvP. It’s every man (or woman!) For themselves in the arena PvP (Babel Felspire). You will be free to roam around the arena collect buffs, and kill rival players at will. Buffy are easy to arrange, so gather enough buffs will allow delivery of other players with only one hit.



Streaks kill other players are visible to all, which means that you will be able to highlight or avoid the biggest threats in the arena. Felspire is equipped with a handy auto-questing, which gives you the ability to go directly to the game who benefit most. This clever accessory can automatically kill monsters, collect loot, and is even able to sell items out of the bag when it reaches its full potential. This feature can be turned on or off – leaving it up to you to decide when to take the reins. MMORPG not be complete without providing great opportunities to work together with friends and guildies towards a common goal. Felspire Hack offers plenty of dungeons and bosses of the world to hone their skills and gain the epic loot. In the early stages of the game, you’ll find that some of these dungeons and bosses can do alone. During the game, but you’ll have to collect a group of trusted companions to eliminate more dangerous mobs and bosses.


Felspire Hack


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Check out this cheat for Felspire game and download. Add to your account free diamonds and enjoy the game in Eremos world. To celebrate the launch of Felspire in 37games created the event on its website. Stop here to spin the wheel and get additional diamonds for your character! More events are available in the game, so be sure to get there early and get their feet on the competition! Use our Felspire Hack diamond download and share with your friends.

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